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2017 New Year Story
Sunday, January 1, 2017
I celebrated my new year with Yasmin. And Redzra. And a lot of BTS. And Goblin episode 9. And a can of Pepsi. Well, to sum up everything that happened in 2016 in one word = despair. Wait, I can't really say that thought since I fell in love with BTS in 2016. It was like an enlightenment to me. So, I can say 2016 was bad but sweet? Whatever the hell with that. Anyways, if I were to say if I ever achieved any of 2016's resolution, I don't even remember what resolution I had for 2016. What I remember is that I don't remember and don't even have one. What I have achieved in 2016 were I didn't get a DL and I failed to get a DL. Other than that was, I went for a short internship at IJN for a month and I don't remember the rest. 

Since 2016 was kinda worst to me, I won't expect anything from 2017. Well, of course I do expect something but I don't really hope that it will happen. First, me getting back my DL. But I guess I will be okay if I don't get it (I'll just become a nonfunctional teenager for another year). The one that I wish to happen is BTS coming to Malaysia. We've (Me and Yasmin) been imaging a lot of things for BTS if they're coming here. We even agree to set aside a huge amount of money kot and sacrificing my big appetite. So BTS, please come here. I'm going to hug you real tight (hehe joking...not). 

Other than that, I just wish we all will always be healthy and live a beautiful life. I wish I don't have any weird disease inhabit within me since I haven't achieved anything in my life. I wish I'll have all those beautiful imaginations I've been dreaming and people to accept me the way I am. Lastly, I wish I can change my handphone again. So, Happy New Year, people. May you live beautifully and happy.

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