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Fifth semester's result: revival phase.
Monday, February 20, 2017
Since I have been traumatized for checking the result in the morning, I stayed up until I got the result. Alhamdulillah, it is a revival.

The thing is, I got back my Dean List. It is a very precious thing to me at the moment. I'm really satisfied with what 2017 has been doing with my life until now.

I'm so grateful to Allah the Almighty. He is the reason for me to get this result. I know, I'm not a decent servant to Him at all after what happened with the last result but still He granted me my doa'. I have nothing to say as I'm so grateful to Him for letting me live a life eventhough I have a thought to end it after He gave me a big test and still grant me this.

Secondly,to both my mom and dad and my sister, thank you for motivation, energy, money and concern for me. Thank you for lending your ears and understand my situation when I'm not sound and out of my hand. Thank you for supporting me and give me a place to stay.

Next, to my platonic friend, Yasmin, I really need to give you an acknowledgement here. You really help me a lot, coping with my depression and despair. I really don't know how to properly thank you. Eventhough you're not always physically beside me, there is something about you that reminds me why I should wake up and walk to class everyday. So, I decided to cling onto you for the past semester. I love you so much! And Mirul, I just sat with you for a couple of hours and talking to you is the best thing ever. I can be open to you and your replies were all amazing. I wish I can still meet you and it will really be my treat next time. Other than that, thank you to my partner in OH assignment, group members and classmates, whom I just get to know, I should continue to know you in the future. Thank you for firing me up to get my DL back, which I did and I wish we will continue this great effort in the dangerous future.

To my lecturers, seriously thank you for giving me such a beyond-imagination grades. I thought I've messed the subjects but you guys are being generous in marking my papers. Thank you sir and madams. Seriously, after the fall, I don't even plan to get another DL. I just want to play and learn something without being graded. I don't even stayed up to do the assignments that semester (I stayed up for drama, animes and game).

To BTS, thank you for the great and inspiring songs. You're not just K-Pop idols or whatever they call you. You guys did a really good job in reviving me. If I'm just to rely on myself, I don't think I'm even alive right now. But you guys really work hard in showing that dreams are something that can come true and the obstacles are always along the way. I'll always continue to cheer you guys in my heart and thank you for saving me. I'll never forget that forever.

To everyone and everything that supported and helped me throughout this semester, thank you so much. I can't specifically mention you but you should know that I'm grateful that you existed and motivate me. Thank you.

Lastly, thank you to myself for not giving up until the last moment. It will be tougher later but just deal with it and grow up. 

p/s: Nothing lasts forever, whether it is good or bad thing.

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