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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
When an INTP is forced to explore their emotions for a long period of time they will become drained. They do not have a strong awareness of their own emotions, and often struggle with expressing them. If someone is continuously trying to force emotional expression out of the INTP before they are ready it will drain them very quickly. They need space to come to terms with their emotions and cannot deal with the pressure. INTPs will also become drained if they are constantly being shot down by others close to them. They do not appreciate judgement and dislike if the things they are sharing are being dismissed. They thrive on new ideas and understanding, so people who deny them this exploration become exhausting for an INTP.

INTPs need to have a certain amount of alone time to think and process things. If they are forced to socialize for extended periods of time they will become drained, and require time to withdraw and think. The worst for INTPs are people who are in complete denial about their own behavior. People who are ignorant and attempt to teach others make the INTP very drained.

The Emotions of Others:
INTPs are logic based individuals, enjoying to focus on a deeper understanding of everything. They strive to understand the motives of people, often making them very good at knowing who they can trust. Although INTPs often understand people’s actions and motives, they struggle with understanding emotions. When people express feelings it may make the INTP feel uncomfortable and unsure how to react. They often have a deep sense of caring, making them feel awkward about how to navigate situations where people are upset. Too much emotional expression from people will often cause the INTP to feel very drained. They will often attempt to listen, but become frustrated when they do not know exactly how to respond. Attempting to constantly apply logic to emotions can cause the INTP to become frustrated with themselves and others. When someone is upset the INTP may try to help by figuring out a logical solution, which can sometimes bother others.

Their Own Emotions:

INTPs struggle even more with understanding their own emotions. They very strongly attempt to apply a logical reasoning behind their feelings, which can be difficult. When the INTP cannot seem to reason away their emotions, they find themselves attempting to ignore them completely. They do not want to be seen as emotional, often not wanting to feel people’s judgement. They do feel emotions on a very real and deep level, which can make them even more anxious about them. They want to be able to understand themselves, which can be a struggle when their emotions do not seem completely logical. INTPs do best when they are capable of processing how they are feeling in their own time. When people attempt to force the INTP to express emotion it can become extremely frustrating for them. They want to be able to express these emotions in a safe and patient environment. It may take them some time but eventually they are very capable of figuring out what is going on with their emotions.

Note to myself and people around me.

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